The T-Treater
Get better prints while saving time and money; what's not to love?

  • Pretreat Targeting
    for less pretreat consumption and no hard edges.

  • No overspray
    means no waste and you can operate it anywhere.

  • Air-over-hydraulic delivery system
    produces an extremely even layer of pretreat.
Edge Pretreatment Machine
    • Intuitive User Interface
      allows simple adjustment of all settings on the 7” color touchscreen.
    • Fluidix nozzle cleaner
      prolongs nozzle life by keeping the nozzle clean (optional).
    • Open Architecture
      for easy use and serviceability.

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The Cutting Edge of Pretreating!

Pretreating digitally printed garments will never be the same! The BelQuette T-Treater™ Targeted Pretreatment System is unlike any automated pretreatment system available. This clean, easy-to-use, open system takes garment pretreating to its highest level. Unlike most “unattached” pretreatment boxes (which only treat large square zones on the garment), our exclusive T-LINK™ Software makes a fluid integrated connection from the RIP, to the T-Treater machine, to the printer*. T-LINK™ utilizes the white layer file that RIP software generates to print the white underbase which produces a unique “mask” that is targeted to only where the image will be printed. Also, generic standard masks are hard coded for easy recall; in addition you can easily make your own custom masks with any graphics program. Custom masks can be stored and recalled with the easy-to-use color touch screen display, with or without a PC. This patent-pending process uses an innovative low-energy fluid delivery system which all but eliminates overspray resulting in all of the spray landing on the garment and not on machine walls or misting into the printing environment.

Edge Link Area

*T-LINK™ App is fully integrated with Mod1 PowerRIP and C-Breeze RIP in creating targeted masks. T-LINK™ integration for other direct to garment printers and RIPs is currently in development, but is not necessary to take advantage of the standard masks.

T-Treater Features

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