The T-Treater User Interface
Feature-packed and easy to use.

The T-Treater user interface has been designed to be as simple as possible without limiting the user's ability to control the machine. As much control as possible has been packed into each of the control screens on the 7" touchscreen display in order to allow you to change settings and control the machine as quickly and efficiently as possible, without having to open additional, unnecessary screens.

Home Screen

Edge UI Screenshot

The T-Treater home screen is comprehensive command center for your production runs, which provides access to all of the features necessary during pretreating. From here you can also access all of the settings screens.

The T-Treater home screen contains the following features:

  • Screen-specific help which gives you access to the help system, starting with the actions and features available on the current page. This will soon include video tutorials.
  • An easily resettable Batch Counter to help you keep track of the number of shirts you have pretreated in the current production run.
  • Platen Selection allows you to select your platen type as easily as you can change the platen with our quick change platen indexing system.
  • Pretreatment Selection allows you to toggle between the two types of pretreatment that you have in your T-Treater. The home screen background also changes color so that you can tell which type is selected with a glance.
  • Nozzle Distance and Saturation Controls allow you to quickly change how the pretreatment is applied to get the perfect print.
  • The Estimated Usage Display calculates and displays the amount of pretreatment that will be used for the current mask.
  • Mask Selection allows you to select one of the predefined masks, one you have loaded via T-link, or create a new mask.
  • The Current Mask Display creates a visual representation of the currently selected mask.


Edge UI Screenshot

We do extensive in-house testing of the T-Treater to determine the optimal print settings for shirts that are commonly used in DTG. We save these for you to use in the presets screen. Our list of presets is constantly growing and accessible to all of our customers via updates. Simply click over to the presets screen to select your shirt type and you can automatically set the optimal print settings for your shirt. If you don't like our presets or want to create presets for shirts that aren't already in our list, you can. Just press the new preset button, enter a name, and the values that you desire.


Edge UI Screenshot

The T-Treater Maintenance scren gives you access to all of the maintenance functions available for the T-Treater in one location.

  • Manually spray the nozzle
  • Manually move the nozzle from side to side
  • Fill the pretreatment resevoirs
  • Drain the pretreatment resevoirs
  • Manually recirculate the pretreatment


Edge UI Screenshot

On the settings screen you can make minor adjustments to the machine operation.

The current options allow you to adjust the offset of the printing start position in both the vertical and horizontal directions in case your T-Treater gets out of alignment. It also allows you to adjust the nozzle height offset, giving you a slightly larger vertical range for use with custom platens. Finally, you are able to adjust the resting position of the nozzle within the capping station to ensure that it is fully submerged. We have many more exciting features ans settings on the way and plan to release regular updates. The T-Treater will get more and more customizable as time goes on.


Edge UI Screenshot

The usage screen allows you get detailed information on your pretreatment usage and to estimate your costs.

You can input the price you pay per liter of pretreatment of each different type and the T-Treater will track the number of spray cycles and total pretreatment usage. From this, it will calculate your average usage per print, in total and broken down by pretreatment type. It will also calculate you average pretreatment cost per shirt.

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