The ultimate tool for DTG job archiving using barcodes and work orders.

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In the DTG market, vast improvements have been made with printers, RIP software, inks and the pretreating process. One area that has not been addressed, until now, is job archiving and workflow. JobVault is BelQuette’s solution to this often overlooked problem.

JobVault gives you the ability to capture, archive, print, and create work orders. After your job is processed, JobVault captures your ready-to-print files and saves them to the “Vault”. Preview images are assigned bar codes and stored in the Vault for quick viewing. With the click of a button, or by using a standard bar code scanner, your artwork file is sent off to be printed.

With JobVault’s QuickView feature, job creation has been drastically simplified. In just a few clicks, your job is prepped and processing within seconds, ready for archiving in the Vault and/or sent directly to your printer. QuickView saves you time and the need to understand how to operate RIP software. It’s the easy button of DTG!

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