The "Vault"

JobVault Screenshot

Store your valuables in the Vault, and what can be more valuable than the artwork you print?

The Vault is visual. See the design you want to print and go! Change thumbnail sizes, swipe through pages or add a touch screen monitor for the retail environment. No matter how you choose to use the Vault, be prepared for you and your customers to be impressed!

Quick View

JobVault Screenshot

QuickView is JobVault’s Easy Button!

Choose your file, click a few settings and print, all within seconds. There’s no need to learn RIP software, if you know how to choose a file on a computer, you know how to use QuickView. Can it really be this easy? We say yes it can!

Work Orders

JobVault Screenshot - Create Work Order

JobVault Screenshot - Scan A Barcode

JobVault gives you the ability to create template-based and custom work orders.

Job flow in a print shop can be confusing, but the work orders feature automatically creates a to-do list for printing. Don’t lose customers or get behind, simply follow each work order until your job is complete. JobVault steps with you from quoting to printing with ease and simplicity.

Bar Codes

JobVault Screenshot - Scan A Barcode

Barcoded work orders give you rapid access to any print job, anywhere in your facility.

With custom Work Orders available, a bar code is generated for every archived file. This bar code follows your job wherever you are in the process. For printing, simply choose the bar code setting, scan your printed code and your artwork appears and is sent to your digital printing system. If your departments are separated, your DTG printer operator no longer needs to understand or know how to use RIP software. All artwork can be generated and processed in a different location, even the other side of the world by using cloud services!

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