Mod Queue Manager
Our newest Mod Queue Manager (MQM) gives you the control you need to set up job production flow and control the Mod1’s many features.

Here at BelQuette, we love fixing problems. Job management within a printing session was an issue for DTG printing from its beginning. Our Mod Queue Manager (MQM) software tackled this problem 4 years ago, and has only gotten better. By improving the communication between the printer and the computer, we’ve been able to add features that were previously impossible.

Using the MQM, you can process multiple jobs in advance without confusion. What if someone needs something printed quickly and you’re in the middle of a print job? No problem, simply click on the new job and print. When finished, click back on the previous job and continue where you left off.

Tapping into the Mod1’s features is as simple as clicking a button with no need to guess what mode you are in. When you change a setting, the MQM responds to confirm the feature had been activated, deactivated or altered. We’ve done even more under the hood to ensure that you have a smooth and intuitive interaction between the MQM and your printer!

Mod Queue Manager Screenshot

  1. Quickly view firmware installed on the Mod1
  2. Now send your jobs to print from your computer
  3. Shows the printer’s status and what it’s doing
  4. Easily change modes and features with drop down menus
  5. View total layers and/or shirts printed
  6. Quick access to automated controls & settings
  7. Groups your jobs together according to images with and without white ink
  8. Assign a print count to each job for better print tracking
  9. Easily delete jobs when finished

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