Simple User Interface

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PowerRIP Mod1‘s simple to use interface is designed for easy job creation.

Simply import your file, place your artwork in position, choose your predefined setting and click print. Within seconds, you are printing. Rocket surgery?? No more!! We give you the power you need in an easy to use format, it’s as simple as that.

Artwork Hot Folders

PowerRIP Mod1 Screenshot

Automatically generate print jobs by placing artwork in folders.

One of the most under-utilized features of PowerRIP Mod1 is the ability to generate print jobs with Artwork Hot Folders. Artwork Hot Folders give you a new way to interact with PowerRIP Mod1. Name your file to indicate position and dimensions, then simply drag and drop it into the Artwork Hot Folder and let the RIP do the rest.

Customized Control

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Easily Increase or Decrease White or Color Ink Density.

We often are asked if PowerRIP Mod1 can control the amount of white ink that gets printed, the answer is an emphatic yes! PowerRIP Mod1 includes slider tools to increase or decrease your ink volume, whether white or CMYK. Upon install, custom settings are applied to take the guesswork out of how much ink to lay down, but we did include the ability to change this for various types of fabrics.

Image Preview

PowerRIP Mod1 Screenshot

Preview Your Name and Image Before Printing to Ensure Job Accuracy.

PowerRIP Mod1 doesn’t mind showing off! We’ve incorporated a large preview image for each job to take the guesswork out of what you are printing. How do you know which layer is going to print? PowerRIP Mod1 includes either “white” or “color” in the name of your file and states it in three places, the print tab in PowerRIP Mod1, the MQM and on the Mod1 platen module panel itself. Redundant? Maybe, but shirts, pretreatment, ink and time can be costly, so why waste them?

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