CleansRite® Cleaning Supplies
Keep your machine running at its’ peak!

The health of your digital printers directly affects the way they perform.

You’ll want to take special care for your direct-to-garment investment, and BelQuette CleansRite® Cleaning Supplies are the best option to help keep your dtg machine working at its’ very best. The cleaning fluids are specifically formulated to work with PrintsRite and other DuPont based Ink.

CleansRite® Flushing Solution

CleansRite® Flushing Solution is also labeled as “Cleaning Solution”. Has a similar specific gravity as the PrintsRite inks to be used as a

CleansRite® Head Maintenance Solution (HMS)

CleansRite® Head Maintenance Solution (HMS) helps release stubborn clogs and has chemical properties which soften dried ink.

CleansRite® Foam Tipped Swabs

CleansRite® Foam Tipped Swabs are perfect for cleaning in hard-to-reach nooks and crannys of the vital parts of your Ink System.

CleansRite® Syringe Kit

CleansRite® Syringe Kit aids in the maintenance of your machine with a 10mL Syringe, a 30mL Syringe, a Small Barbed Fitting that fits into the end of your Dampers, a Large Barbed Fitting that fits in the “nibs” of the Print Head, a Female-to-Female Leur Fitting to fit on the end of your PrintsRite Ink Lines, and a Rubber Tube Fitting to fit onto the Flexi-Jet’s Ink Lines to help with flushing the Ink System.

CleansRite 5ive Point Flush Kit

CleansRite 5ive Point Flush Kit has five hoses with the PrintsRite Quick Connect Fitting at one end of each hose to connect to your machine’s ink lines and the other end is able to submerge in a bottle of bulk Flushing Solution to flush your Ink System as regular maintenance or if you are not going to be using your machine for any period of time more than 5 days.

The PrintsRite Textile Ink MSDS can be found here.

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CleansRite supplies are designed as a system, to clean your printer properly!