The Flexi-Jet
The original large format flatbed digital printer that others still follow.

The Original...The Flexi-Jet, the first 4800-based wide format direct-to-garment flatbed printer, comes in two different print spaces; the Standard, or "S" Model, which has a 16" wide, 21" long, and 3.5" high print space, and the Extended, or "L" Model which has a huge 16" wide, 53" long, and 3.5" high print space, which can accommodate printing up to four garments at a time.

The Flexi-Jet is BelQuette's premier "wide format" flatbed digital printer. Direct-On-Garment printing is no longer in its' infancy, and the Flexi-Jet has grown with the industry. BelQuette still develops advancements and regularly updates the Flexi-Jet platform to keep its' users on the cutting edge of technology. This is one of the benefits of having an American designed and manufactured product. We design all of the architecture and publish the updates as they are proven to get the latest technology into our users hands…where it belongs. From developing the first viable 4800 based machine to top-notch support, BelQuette is there for our customers all-the-way.

If you want a wide-format garment printer to accent your business, or are just starting out, and you need a larger machine to be the core of your business, don't depend on a toy to satisfy your needs…buy a machine that is as industrially sound as it is easy to use.

Flexi-Jet Stats

Z and Y Axis Size "S" Model: 16" x 20" / "L" Model 16" x 35"
Ink Colors 8 Channel
Compatible Platforms Windows 200, Windows XP, Windows 7
Resolution 360 / 720 / 1440dpi
Technology Inkjet
Shirts per hour* Depends on load/unload time - avg. print takes 60 seconds.
Textile Types Cotton, Cotton-poly blends, silk
Max. Media Height 3 inches / 75mm
Height Adjust 4 stepper motor drivers
Connectivity USB
Ink Cost Per Print Image Size: 8" x 10" image / 203mm x 254mm
@ 360dpi: $0.16 (on a white shirt)
@ 720 dpi $0.22 (on a white shirt)
Drive Controller Closed Loop Servo Controller
White Ink Upgrade Standard
Water Soluble Ink Yes
Heated Platen Optional
Event Portable Yes
Manufacturing Made in the USA

* Shirts per hour based on 360dpi prints

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