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We carry the Stahls' Hotronix® Auto Press Line: The Hotronix® auto line is equipped with the patented Twin Timer™ feature that allows the user to program two independent time settings for any two-step process without resetting the timer. It’s perfect for tacking, pre-heating garments, two-color applications, texturizing, and more!

The patented auto-open feature provides the convenience of an air press without an air compressor. This enables you to multi-task, avoiding over-application and ruined garments. These machines have magnetic-assisted lockdown, an auto-opening feature, and digital controls offering unparalleled benefits at an excellent price.

Three versatile sizes are offered; 11″ x 15″, 16″ x 16″, and 16″ x 20″. For Direct to Garment, 16"x20" is recommended to accommodate the larger print area.

Hotronix® Air Fusion™ Heat Press

$4,150 - Buy Now!

Hotronix Air Fusion Heat Press

The Air Fusion heat press is the industry’s only machine with Auto Adjust Pressure.

The advanced technology of auto adjust pressure changes the world of heat printing. Store preset programs of your frequently used applications and your machine automatically adjusts the pressure to the thickness of the item you are printing. Four different pressure and time settings can be programmed. With 120 PSI, this press makes the most of demanding heat transfer applications that require firm pressure. The best choice for Direct-to-Garment printing and embossing.

The Air Fusion™ arrives on a pedestal stand designed to save space in your shop. This pedestal features heavy duty casters for portability. This is the first and only heat press stand that allows the user to adjust the height for individual operator comfort and a completely ergonomic experience.

The Threadability™ of the lower platen increases production up to 40%. Load the garment once and spin it to decorate both sides.

Designed to maximize production efficiency and make garment decoration easier than ever, it’s the perfect machine for high volume or specialty decorators. See all of the Hotronix Universal Quality Features.

Additional Features:

  • Auto Open, Swing Away Design operates with a foot pedal to reduce fatigue
  • Touch Screen Technology, this intuitive control panel allows you to store your frequently used application settings, has a production cycle counter, auto on/off capability and speaks to you in 8 languages.
  • Optional Quick Change Platens – the spring pin lock allows the user to change the platen in seconds, no tools required.
  • Push Button Control for operating upper platen
  • *Requires air compressor (not included) with minimum 1/2 horse power and 5 gallon hold tank. Uses 2.3 CFM.

Hotronix® Fusion™ Heat Press

$2,100 - Buy Now!

Hotronix Fusion Heat Press

A Direct-to-Garment Heat Press with options!

The only heat press in the industry with a patented dual function to perform as a swing or draw press provides a heat-free work space. Touch Screen Technology, the Fusion’s user interface, enables you to program an unlimited number of application settings. Additional features include a production cycle counter, auto on/off settings, and eight optional language settings. Available in 16” x 20”.

Hotronix® Hover Press

$1,700 - Buy Now!

JobVault Screenshot

A Direct-to-Garment Clam Style Heat Press for curing inks.

An Auto Clam heat press with the addition of a hover mode. Hover mode is specifically made for curing inks on Direct-to-Garment prints. The press is designed to hover over your direct-to-garment print to flash cure the ink before the final application to complete the curing process. Eliminates smeared ink and ruined garments. Available in 16″ x 20″.

Hotronix® Auto-Open Clam

$1,600 - Buy Now!

Hotronix Auto Open Clam Heat Press

Get Ready to Multi-Task with the Hotronix® Auto Open Clam Heat Press.

With its patented magnetic auto open feature, graphics can be heat applied while you’re busy prepping the next garment. Eliminate guesswork; you’ll always know the pressure setting with the digital pressure display. The patented magnetic assist lock down provides maximum pressure so locking your machine down is effortless. The patented Over-the-Center Pressure Adjustment allows the platen to “float”, delivering even heat and pressure edge to edge for a perfect application every time. The Auto Open Clam also has Twin Timer™, preset two time settings for two-step applications or for preheating. See all of the Hotronix Universal Quality Features.

Learn how to make your Auto Open Clam Heat Press up to 40% more efficient with the Heat Press Caddie™.

Hotronix® Cap Heat Press

$845 - Buy Now!

Hotronix Cap Heat Press

Perfect for Applying Cap Designs

This cap heat press has a patented automatic release; when the press cycle is complete, it automatically opens. This feature helps avoid over application and ruined garments. The magnetic assisted lock down provides maximum pressure with minimal effort. For increased accuracy, the press displays the time, temperature and pressure settings for your application. No more guesswork! Four optional lower platens allow you to get a snug fit for virtually any size cap. Pin registration makes interchanging platens easy, no tools required. A hold down device secures your cap and creates a smooth surface, essential for flawless heat printing applications.

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