The Mod1
Discover printing passion with the Mod1; the Direct-to-Garment printer that t-shirts crave.

  • Rapid Multi-Pass with Time Delay
    returns the Platen to the Print Position as soon as the last raster is printed, increasing productivity.

  • SmoothSync Technology (SST)
    means no more “jerky” platen advancements, unlike other machines.

  • Independent Height Control
    allows for printing on uneven or sloped products within the Mod1’s six inch height range.
Mod1 Direct-To-Garment Printer
    • Quick Change Platen Indexing
      on a precision ball mounting system for repeatability you can count on.
    • PrintsRite Ink System
      is a closed ink bag system, offering higher quality control by isolating the ink system.
    • Industrial Grade Components
      provide accurate and repeatable printing, as well as a long life.

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Smile. Direct-to-Garment printing should be fun!

This is what BelQuette has built in to the Mod1; the DTG printer that gets its name from its design. “Mod” means modular. Modular is defined as "constructed with standardized units or dimensions for flexibility and variety in use". Because of its modularity, printing on thick garments, like sweatshirts and hoodies, will be easy. The design also means ease of maintenance, so the difficulty of printing consistently and evenly on dark garments, using white ink, will be a thing of the past. Produce quickly and efficiently because of the Mod1’s removable platens. Simply lift, replace, and print. You won’t find a more common sense approach to getting your work done. With its vast array of automated features, the Mod1is the Direct-to-Garment machine that turns doing what you have to, into doing what you love.

Mod1 Features

Mod 1 Stats

Z and Y Axis Size 40" wide x 44" long x 12" high
Printer Module Size 11" wide x 27.5" long x 12" high
Color Two color packages are available: CYMYK only and CMYK + White Ink
Print Engine Epson-based hybrid technology
Print Space 13" wide x 19" long x 6" high printable area
Software PowerRIP ModOne, Mod Queue Manager Software
Drivers Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Mac OS X
Drivers are for print from PCs on a network,
PowerRIP Mod1 requires a PC running Windows to operate
Ink PrintsRite Ink Delivery System
Resolution 720x720, 1440x720, 1440x1440 (Printer Resolution)
Print Speed 45-60 per hour (CMYK only)
12-24 per hour (CMYK + White)
Ink Cost Per Print $0.15-$0.30 (CMYK only)
$1.50-$2.25 (CMYK + White)

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