Mod1 Features
The result of years of research and development.

SmoothSync Technology (SST)

With our exclusive SmoothSync Technology, there are no more “jerky” platen advancements. We have computed the optimal stepper motor curves so that the platen moves as quickly as possible with as little jerk and noise as possible. Smooth product movements mean crisper detail with decreased mechanical stress. Decreased mechanical stress means less wear and tear on the machine and, therefore, a longer lifetime.

SmoothSync Technology

Quick Change Platen Indexing

Platens are quickly and accurately positioned easily on a precision ball mounting system for repeatability you can count on. Switch out platens for different jobs or use multiple platens for the same job with absolutely no setup time. With the platen indexing system on the Mod1 all that you have to do to change the platen is pick up the old one and set the new platen down in its place.

Four balls on the bottom of the platen rest in magnetic cups on the platen base. By simply setting down the platen, you can be assured that it will be tightly secured in the correct location for printing. This makes platen exchange quick and easy. In addition, it allows our platens to be interchangeable within production runs, but also between our different machines. The Edge uses the same platens as the Mod1, so if you already own one, there is no need to buy a second set of your special platens when you purchase the other.

Quick Change Platen Indexing Quick Change Platen Indexing Quick Change Platen Indexing

Rapid Multi-Pass with Time Delay

The Rapid Multi-Pass feature returns the Platen to the Print Position as soon as the last raster is printed, increasing productivity by not waiting for the platen/printer to go to a “Home” or “Start” position. The MQM also has the ability to control when print commands are sent to the printer; this is helpful when printing multiple layer prints such as white ink underbase with a color pass on top. Since the Mod1 is so fast, the software has the ability to set a time-delay between passes to allow the white ink layer time to “set” before the color layer is printed. This white ink timer allows the operator to set it and forget it, printing both layers with only one button press. The operator can then work on other tasks, while the printer takes care of setting the white ink layer and printing the color layer.

As you can see in the timelines above, Rapid Multipass removes unnecessary platen movement from the print motion and between passes, saving a significant amount of time. For a graphic that occupies approximately 90% of the vertical height of the platen, it would take a printer with comparable speed approximately 57 seconds to send the platen through its print range at print speed. The last 10% of that time, approximately six seconds, for which there is no image, is just wasted platen movement. Furthermore, sending the platen back to the "Home" position and then returning it to the "Start" position takes about six seconds, while simply moving the platen directly back to the start position only takes one second. Over the course of this example, this wasted platen movement results in 17 seconds of time wasted on unnecessary platen movement. Thus, Rapid Multipass produces a 17 second, or 13.5% reduction in the print time!!

Independent Height Control

Independent Height Control allows for printing on uneven or sloped products within the Mod1’s industry-leading six inch height range. With Independent Height Control (IHC) you are able to adjust each side of the printer body's height independently in order to level your printer perfectly.

If you decide that your My Little Pony Trapper Keeper doesn't have enough ponies, now you can add some more. Just set your trapper keeper on the platen, send it under the printer, and adjust the sides independently until the printer body is aligned with the top of your Trapper Keeper and print away!

PrintsRite Ink System

The Mod1 uses an exclusive closed ink bag system, offering higher quality control by not allowing outside elements or environmental factors into the system. The ink bags and lines are clear so you can see how low your ink levels are before you run out of ink. Our quick-connect fittings allow rapid interchange of ink bags with minimal mess.

The PrintsRite Ink System’s bags were designed to optimize ink jetting. They have been proven successful in the most demanding Print on Demand environments. Our PrintsRite Bagged Inks are micro-filtered and degassed at our state-of-the-art facility to ensure that you are getting the freshest ink of the highest quality. The inks we offer with the PrintsRite System are made with Artistri® inks, the same specially formulated water-based, wash-fast, pigment inks the direct-to-garment industry has come to trust and rely on. PrintsRite Inks are the ideal ink for use in any digital direct-to-garment printer.

Click here to learn more about our PrintsRite® Bagged Ink.

Industrial Grade Components

The Mod1 is built to last. We use quality components and extra strength components in high-wear areas to prevet breakdown. Expandable automation connections are standard.

The Y-Axis is driven by a stepper motor with isolation pads to limit noise.

The Z-Axis moves vertically along two independently adjusted stepper screw-driven self-lubricated linear slides.

The print head chassis moves along a highly polished heavy-duty linear shaft on a self-lubricated linear bearing.

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