PrintsRite® Bagged Ink
“Bagged ink works best. Period.”

PrintsRite® Inks work in conjunction with our TreatsRite line of pretreating products and our CleansRite line of digital cleaning products.

Why use anything less than the best? BelQuette PrintsRite® Inks are the best performing digital inks to use for your direct-to-garment printing system. Our PrintsRite® Bagged Inks are micro-filtered and degassed at our state-of-the-art facility to ensure that you are getting the freshest ink, of the highest quality. The textile inks we offer with the PrintsRite® System are the same specially formulated DuPont Artistri® pigment inks that the digital garment industry has come to trust and rely on for the brightest whites and the most vivid colors! We just take extra care in processing and packaging our PrintsRite® Ink to ensure your satisfaction and your machine’s reliability!

Setting the bar high. Setting the bar high!

The PrintsRite® Bagged Ink System’s increased ink flow was designed to optimize ink jetting and has proven successful in the most demanding Print-on-Demand environments. Ever since we developed the bagged ink system, the DTG industry has taken notice and a new benchmark has been set. Bagged ink works best…this is why our “competitors” now offer and market their inks with this type of delivery in mind. But we don’t stop there! Our ink refinement process goes one step further by properly degassing the ink before packaging. This means that there is no entrained air within the inks. Your printer will only jet ink…not harmful air which causes misfires and reduces the life expectancy of the print head. You will get the absolute best results with your direct-to-garment machine. Another BelQuette Innovation!

Save Time and Money. PrintsRite® Bagged Ink saves time and money!

Since the bags are clear, there is no second-guessing on whether you have used the most of the ink in your supply. And since your printer is operating properly, you will do less costly cleanings and there will be less misfires at the printhead level. PrintsRite® Bagged Inks are the ideal ink for use in any digital direct-to-garment printer that uses the PrintsRite® Ink Delivery System. Click here to see if your machine can use the same PrintsRite® Ink System that makes BelQuette’s printing systems run with the best ink flow in the industry.

Inks cure with a heat press or in a high-evacuation conveyor dryer.
BelQuette recommends regular agitation of PrintsRite® inks to prevent settling.

Green and Versatile! Green and versatile!

BelQuette’s PrintsRite® Inks are environmentally-friendly, water-based pigmented inks, formulated to print on 100% cotton, cotton blends, textile, and non -textile materials to provide a soft hand and a long-lasting, vibrant print. Our bagged ink system reduces waste by using less plastic packaging material than traditional inks. When using our TreatsRite® Pretreatment Products (link to TreatsRite® page), the possibilities of what you can print on start to seem endless!

The PrintsRite Textile Ink MSDS can be found here.

To see if your printer can use our bagged ink, use the Conversion Kit Finder on our Conversion Kits Page.

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PrintsRite Inks are degassed and microfiltered for consistency print after print.

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