TreatsRite® Digital Garment Pretreatment
Can I print on my mink coat? Yes.*

*While you could print on a mink coat, we're not quite sure why you would want to do that. We're also not certain how good the image would look once the fur moves.

The BelQuette TreatsRite® pretreatment system allows you to pre-treat standard and non-standard fabrics and objects for printing with your digital direct-to-garment printer. Some types of dtg printing will require a pretreatment, while with other types of printing such as using CMYK only, do not. Using a pretreatment simply enhances the end result.

TreatsRite® Dark Garment Pretreatment

TreatsRite® Dark Garment Pretreatment has binding agents in the formula which work in conjunction with the binding agents in our PrintsRite White Textile Ink. When the ink and the pretreatment combine, or “crash” with one another, the ink gels up and is not easily absorbed into the fabric. This keeps the ink on top of the fabric for a solid, clear print.

TreatsRite® Light Garment Pretreatment

TreatsRite® Light Garment Pretreatment is used on white and light colored garments when printing with CMYK inks only. A light mist sprayed on the fabric and heat pressed to dry the pretreatment and to flatten the fibers prevents the ink from being absorbed into the garment fibers. Some benefits of using the TreatsRite Light Garment Pretreatment include:

  • Enhanced print quality and brighter colors on white and light colored shirts.
  • Sharper image quality on fine detail and text.
  • Easy to use, safe, and non-toxic.
  • Improved print speeds by eliminating two-pass printing.
When printing on white and light colored polyester with CMYK inks only, check out our TreatsRite Light Polyester Pretreatment (add link). Not recommended for printing with white ink.

TreatsRite® Light Polyester Pretreatment

TreatsRite® Light Polyester Pretreatment is used on white and light colored this pretreatment is specifically designed to work with CMYK inks to provide a receptive coating on the polyester and 50/50 blend garments or substrates. Some products that can benefit from using the TreatsRite Light Polyester Pretreatment:

  • 100% polyester garments
  • Polyester blend garments such as hoodies and sweatshirts
  • Mouse Pads
  • Can Coolers
  • Polyester Flags
  • Tote Bags (not vinyl or polypropelene)
  • and much more.

Digitally printing on white to light polyester and polyester blends such as 50/50 blend t-shirts with CMYK ink is now possible. Up until this product hit the market, the most success seen printing with digital textile inks was on 100% cotton. This is because the water based inks are designed to bind with natural fibers which are loosely wound. Polyester and synthetic fabric garments are made with tighter wound fibers which makes them not as absorbent. During printing, the inks would bleed into each other and the wash-fastness of the garment was not satisfactory. When sprayed onto the garment, BelQuette TreatsRite Poly Pretreat gives the ink a receptive coating that will keep the ink from bleeding and dramatically helps with the wash-ability of the garment.
Not recommended for printing with white ink.

TreatsRite Ink Receptive Coating (IRC)

TreatsRite Ink Receptive Coating (IRC) is a water-based, water resistant, ink jet receptive coating that yields a smooth, flat, matte finish and comes in a matte white or clear finish. It is formulated to have enhanced adhesion to both rough, porous, and smooth, non-porous surfaces such as canvas, golf balls, base balls, tile, wood, and much more! It can be applied to paper, cloth, canvas, vinyl, polypropylene, acrylic, polyvinylchloride, wood, and virtually any substrate capable of accepting a water-based coating. TreatsRite IRC can be applied using a high volume, low-pressure (HVLP) spraying unit, a good quality short nap paint roller (recommended), a foam brush, or a foam roller. When using a short nap roller, foam brush, or foam roller it is important that enough material be applied to allow the coating to flow and self-level. Any roller or brush strokes and air bubbles will dissipate as the coating dries.

Before applying the coating, make sure that all surfaces are free from dirt, grease, fingerprints, rust or any other foreign matter. This coating may have a tendency to bubble when applied directly with a brush to smooth surfaces, so a sprayer is recommended for smoother surface applications. Because uniformity of application is important, a brush may be used to spread coating after the spray application. For rougher surfaces the coating may be applied directly with a brush. Rougher surfaces will require multiple layers of coating if a smooth surface finish is desired.

It is suggested that two layers be applied initially. This may be reduced to one layer if the printing results appear satisfactory. The more porous the media, the greater amount of coating required.

The CleansRite MSDS can be found here.

*While you could print on a mink coat, we're not quite sure why you would want to do that. We're also not certain how good the image would look once the fur moves.

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